No matter where you are in Grahamstown, be it the 1920's Settler's Monument, outside the Clock Tower on campus, your digs or even the local hangout, the hill that is known as Makana's Kop can be seen. This hill that boasts several tall trees is a familiar sight to anyone living in Grahamstown. But ask almost anyone what happened there two centuries ago and a shrug is your most likely answer. Despite Grahamstown's studenty, clutural vibe today, the town has a rich and violent history that goes almost completely unkown. The documentary i am setting out to do will cover the story of the battle that took place at Makana's Kop between the local Xhosa population headed by chief Makana and the British settlers under Colnol Graham. The names of Grahamstown's streets, hotels and even municipality today are all linked to this period in history and its about time we understand a bit more about the history behind them! who was Makana? What was his role in the battle of Makana's Kop? What does the history mean for current day Grahamstown? these are all questions im hoping to answer.

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